Internet Service Layers

I have been in Operations now for a few years (full time) and in that time I struggled to find a way to elucidate the different functions of a server lifecycle from "dock to dumpster" so so say.. I am not set on the names but they get me closer to how internet services seem to work in general..


Dock -> Racked -> cabled + switched -> firmware -> burn-in -> ready for an OS


Everything from Boot to Fully armed and operational work station. A host at this stage is a clean-slate application server. Jumpstart/Kickstart/etc. OS image boot + network identity + Chef/Puppet.


Automation around application deployment/control. This is a server that is ready to run applications.

In closing

These are different that the OSI layer in that if there is no application, forget the other layers. But it is also the same in that the layers build upon one another..

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