A review of Star Wars - The Force Awakens


Last night mny family (wife and 2 kiddo's) saw the new Star Wars movie and IMO JJ nailed it. Like the opening scene - pan down from stars to a planet, then a large ship. I also liked that JJ had his own rendition of the cantina - that was awesome.

My favorite scene was when Rey(sp?) piloted the Falcon like a hotrod in a car chase - something been done a 1000 times before - but the way it was shot - awesome. And who would not want mad skills like that?

I was truly sad about Han - it felt more like a real death than any other in my TV watching life (save for Ricks wife in Walking Dead). Heck - I was sad today about it - it's just a movie but for a lot of us - Star Wars is a family we grew up with.

Oh - and when I talk Star Wars, episodes 1-3 are not included - "These aren't the Star Wars you are looking for".

I really like this one - and thought one could watch episodes 4-7 and not "mind the gap" at all - because it was so continous. So for that JJ - I thank you.

But I felt cheated only on one part - how it ended - once again - bad guys build monolithic weapon, good guys find weakness and blow it up. Three-forths of Star Wars end the same way. So I wonder whats next.

Closing thought.. "hey Empire.. err.. First Order .. your monolithic systems keep getting blown up - might I suggest distributed systems?"

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